Had Enough Yet?

I often wonder, as my head explodes with all of the insanity taking place, what other folks are feeling as well. Have you had enough yet? Sitting quietly and griping about what is going on will not move us all forward. Doing something to bring about change will. We need to be pushing for change like Term Limits at long last to get rid of the stranglehold the old paradigm has over those of us who want to live our lives the way WE want to live them. It’s time to demand safe voting practices for our elections since we know full well computers are hacked continually. Lets return to the old pencil and paper ballots with a trail to keep track of what is happening. How about making the guidelines for running for office be that candidates have to show what good things are done throughout their career? It would single-handedly end the nauseating negativity that we are all drowning in. I’d rather know what good someone has done to make my life better than hear the sickening defamation of character that always rears its ugly head amidst the lies.

Are we not done with this old paradigm of abuse of power, lying, corruption and greed? If one opens their eyes they will see the imbalance. Everything in the world right now is steered towards the wealthy. Start looking at the world through questioning eyes. Almost every advertisement on television is speaking to the wealthy. It is most often subtle, but it is there! Do you have enough money to invest in the Gold or Silver they harp about ad after ad? Most I think are just trying to put food on the table and pay bills, there is NO extra to invest. The message is always the same to the wealthy; the majority of the people are poor, useless and taking up space. This messaging for the wealthy has been going on for so long now people don’t even notice anymore and so the inequality continues to rage throughout our country.

The question that needs to be addressed immediately is what are we going to do about it? Continue to take it or stand up and demand the old ways of doing business must end? While we sit quietly the rich get richer, the big corporations get bigger and our freedom to be who we want to be diminishes. Time is not forever, so we best stop allowing ourselves to be railroaded into oblivion. Not remaining silent means speaking out either physically or by writing to our elected officials and complaining. Not that they do anything mind you, that is half the problem. The Government is no longer by and for the people. Our elected officials vote for what their agenda is not what we want, so that has to change soon. Lets demand a show of proof of how many letters, emails and phone calls officials receive demanding change. If someone gets 10,000 yet does not vote accordingly then you know they are not doing work for YOU!

There are probably a million ways we can instigate change for ourselves but it takes doing something to make it happen. America is on the brink at this very moment. It can either tip towards transformation or sink deeper into being a country who puts their people last if at all. We are all being called upon to rise up and be heard.The insanity we have watched forever now, it seems, must finally come to an end and the people must be willing to risk making change if they are to ever find out if it makes things better or not. What we do know is that things are NOT WORKING as they are now. Find your courage to speak out in whatever way you can and join each other in creating a better world for all.

Stand strong for what you believe…Be heard!



3 thoughts on “Had Enough Yet?

  1. I think VK many will need to stand up in their truth and come to grips with reality, and if they have not woken up to what is happening by now, I feel sorry for them.. For the Material is the last of our worries.. ❤

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