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I know personally I can not tolerate much longer how America is being run into the ground and the people with it. Why do we keep putting up with it? It is time to stop the gridlock and inequality by ending this sham of a Government. The days of oppression by the dark must end now and it begins with taking away their power and giving it back to the people where it belongs. It’s time to return to them their freedom to BE!

4 thoughts on “Share Your Voice…

  1. You know sometimes VK I think as chaotic as the world of politics is right now, both sides of the pond.. I feel its all part of the process that is waking individuals up to the fact of how Government works.. And it is not for its people..
    Looking back in history we have had many a revolution yet sadly we return back to the basics. We have one party then the other party who undo all that was done before.. Instead of all joining together to make the best for their countries. We have individuals whose egos score points.. While others spend all their energies on bringing others down.. Brexit is a prime example..
    It remains to be seen if your Mr T will run the course, as I doubt will Mrs May.. And I do not believe anything printed in the press, so many are jumping on band wagons wanting it all to crumble..
    Which is why you can guess.. I spend time among the weeds.. lol.. Much better company!!

    Love and Hugs and love your new site..

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