Amazing What We Sometimes Miss….

It’s been raining a lot here lately and the other day I found myself just sitting on the couch to rest and I turned on the TV hoping something good and interesting might be on. Yeah right! So I surfed around through channels for a while and had a wild epiphany slam me in the head. I had never realized before just how many tv programs are directed towards the wealthy. For example: I landed on a channel about house buying and they had a couple searching for their dream home. That’s fine except the homes were 500,000. to 800,000. dollars. Who the heck has that kind of money? The wealthy. I checked back several times as the day went on and new shows started up and all the houses were equally as expensive. Not reality for the majority of the country.

I bumped into another show called the Hollywood Medium. While I find his talent/gift quite astounding and most accurate, once again, why just Hollywood people? Why can’t he offer his gifts to people who need his help and not just on Rodeo Drive? Have you ever stopped into a cooking show? I used to watch all the time until I found there was no way I could make these recipes not because I can’t cook, I can, but because of the ingredients. These fools think nothing of using two sticks of butter and six eggs etc. All well and dandy if I can afford it. I eat organically and that would make for a very expensive loaf of bread or batch of cookies. Unless you’re rich of course!

Take time sometime to just flip through channels out of curiosity and see what I am talking about. Look at the shows through the eyes of someone not wealthy and you will begin to see what I am talking about. I didn’t pay attention to it before until Hollywood began to show it’s very ugly colors during and after the election and my disdain for them grew and I began to notice more clearly the disparity between the rich and poor. That’s close to all we have now, the middle class has faded away. On the flip side of the rich shows, there is a plethora of sick. moral destroying shows geared towards the 99%, the dumb, the people who don’t deserve anything better in the minds of the 1% producers. Lots of death and destruction, drinking, drugging, and putting humanity down to the lowest levels. It’s either feast or famine.

What about inspiring shows that are uplifting and give people hope and a desire to do their best? Don’t see much of that being offered. If you pay close attention to what is being offered to you to watch you will begin to see through the fog of deceit. Once you take note you will begin to see signs of inequality everywhere! Once those eyes are opened there is no shutting them closed again. And yet many don’t notice. I didn’t for quite a while. This latest Presidential election opened the elites Pandora’s box of how they truly think! Stunning to say the least. It is time to stop just being entertained by the elite programming and pay attention to the messages laying nestled beneath the surface. Once you start paying closer attention to the world around you you will begin to notice how wealth has permeated every nook and cranny of life and taken over. The memes and messages are subtle but they exist and they speak volumes. Advertising is the biggest offender.

I don’t know about you but I am hungry to live in a world of equality, peace and compassion for all. I’m done with the wealthy takes all mentality. Until we redesign Washington and who works for we the people, all this garbage will continue. We deserve to be free to live the lives we wish to live. The biggest myth we have fallen prey to is that everyone must work and if you don’t you are a drag on society! We only work 9-5 because the elite figured out a way to convince us to work to “make our lives better” when in fact it was to make the elites lives better. Our hard earned money is landing in their fat pockets. God did not put us on earth to work 9-5 and not live our lives to the fullest. There is a great deal we need to take in and take note of and the truth is not always easy to swallow but we must. We are ALL worthy no matter what our stations in life and never forget that!

Blessed awakening……



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