The Way To Freedom…


Are We Getting The Message?

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Life in America has gotten so demented it is a struggle to get out of bed everyday. Who wants to face the mess that awaits them? But we have to ask ourselves, ” Have we reached that point of no return yet where we stand up and say enough?” We better be at that point and quickly. The sick games being played in Washington by politicians paid BY US who are doing nothing for us, are evil. The behavior being displayed by the whole group of politicians, is both embarrassing and pathetic. That said, it is also good that this is occurring. People are so distracted and their brains numbed out by propaganda that these times seem to need extra insanity to bring people to their senses. Is shutting down the Government in favor of illegal aliens rights enough for you yet or are you still drinking the Koolaid our Government and media are giving away for free?

This is our chance people! It is time to start floating the idea of starting a new way of self governing because of the failure of our currant form of Government. It is OLD, it is very OUTDATED, it is INEPT, it is CORRUPT, it is SELF SERVING, it is CLOSED MINDED, it is OPPRESSIVE and it is NOT the proper form of government for the new world. We need open minds willing to think hard and create new ways of keeping our country governed. The original plan was supposed to be ‘by the people, for the people’, but they managed to find an argument strong enough to set up the rigged system we have now essentially shutting the people out of the whole process. It is time for this to end! It is time to begin to plan our next moves finding ways to get the people joined together and to send Washington packing. It is time for new blood, open minds and open hearts.

Good heavens, if people can come together to play ridiculous games like Pokey Mon surely we can come together to save ourselves and our country. As long as these corrupt, ego driven, greedy monsters continue to rule over us things will only get worse. It is time for them all to go! First rule in the new world should be term limits to end this tyrannical control. A good many of these politicians have been in office 30 + years! This is a good place for us to start, that should be our first message to get out there and ACT upon. Create term limits. As long as these decrepit fools are allowed to hijack Government, nothing will ever change! It is up to us to start the ball rolling. I don’t do social media, but if somebody else reading this does, get those hashtags going! It is time. We came here to earth for a purpose and that purpose was to awaken people and to begin the process of creating the new world by dismantling the old, so get out your hammers and let us get to work.

Get that fire in your belly burning….It’s time.



Why Settle For Less?

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We don’t have to keep settling for the way things are,we can take that bold leap of faith together and create a new reality in which to reside. Imagine a world run with compassion and honesty, imagine creating a new form of authentic self governance with term limits to keep minds fresh and remaining outside the box. Imagine humanity finally, at long last, collectively raising its consciousness above the dense restrictions of ego.

It can all be ours if we truly desire it and work together to manifest it into existence. How hard are you willing to work? How much of yourself are you willing to give out towards making true change? It all begins with you. Find the courage and conviction to take that first step forward into the unknown and everything else will follow. Have faith, have a strong vision and have a strong desire to inspire a change for the better. In essence, inspire yourself to be more than you are right now.

Be The Change…. Visionkeeper

Taking A Tip From The Elite Play Book….

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Are we all still breathing? Are we all still functioning in this crazed world of insanity? It’s like angry little gremlins are running about the world turning everything upside down. At times it gets unbearable but hang on! We are going to get through this and shine with pride one day soon. All we are really witnessing right now is not the fall of America as they would have you believe, no! We are watching the fall of the elite violently crashing and burning. The elite has always said of a crisis:                                                                                                    ” You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”    Rahm Emanuel

Too bad dear Rahm doesn’t follow his own ideas. His city is dying, literally, from violent gun deaths daily yet he does nothing to stop it! No he is referring to the elite and how to take advantage of the people during a crisis. Well, I say lets turn it around and take advantage of the elites downfall to create NEW political parties around the world that honor the people, honor truth and justice and are geared towards making the world a better place rather than a world of dominance and oppression that is failing.

We have a crisis in America and elsewhere, so NOW is the time to take advantage of everyone’s displeasure in their Governments and come together to create a powerful movement to take back our life, take back the control and take back our countries. Stop the iPhone selfies and get proactive. You have social media at your disposal so use it for something positive, like creating change. The elite want you held hostage to selfies and other brainless activities so you are not paying attention to what they are doing. If ever there was a time to wake up to the truth, now is that time and what matters most above all else is what we are going to do about it!



Who Will Step Up To Lead…?

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Is it not time to have the courage to stand together and demand an end to the divisive two party system of governing world wide? It is the Achilles heel of the Elite. They present the system to us as ‘Choice’ when in fact it is anything but. It is a sham, for each candidate picked for office was chosen earlier by the few. It is time for a NEW and FAIR system of governing, one constructed by WE THE PEOPLE for THE PEOPLE. One that is finally blessed with truth and compassion instead of lies, deceit and manipulation. We are done with the old government! That paradigm is dead.

Let us choose to move forward and put our energies into becoming the best that we can be, powered by pride rather than who we are becoming now powered by fear. Stop and ask yourselves “are we really angry, hateful, greedy people at heart, or are we being brainwashed into becoming the worst that we can be? We were NOT born angry, hateful or manipulative. The people have been abused by the system long enough, the game is up, the truth is pouring out and the elite have been exposed for who they truly are. We the people are not bad, we do not hate, we are not divided, we are all one and it is time to remember that. It is time to stand up and speak the truth loudly to power and demand the right to create a new system and DO IT !!!! Who out there will start the snowball rolling down the hill? Once packed tightly together we will make one hell of a snowman!