Taking A Tip From The Elite Play Book….

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Are we all still breathing? Are we all still functioning in this crazed world of insanity? It’s like angry little gremlins are running about the world turning everything upside down. At times it gets unbearable but hang on! We are going to get through this and shine with pride one day soon. All we are really witnessing right now is not the fall of America as they would have you believe, no! We are watching the fall of the elite violently crashing and burning. The elite has always said of a crisis:                                                                                                    ” You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”    Rahm Emanuel

Too bad dear Rahm doesn’t follow his own ideas. His city is dying, literally, from violent gun deaths daily yet he does nothing to stop it! No he is referring to the elite and how to take advantage of the people during a crisis. Well, I say lets turn it around and take advantage of the elites downfall to create NEW political parties around the world that honor the people, honor truth and justice and are geared towards making the world a better place rather than a world of dominance and oppression that is failing.

We have a crisis in America and elsewhere, so NOW is the time to take advantage of everyone’s displeasure in their Governments and come together to create a powerful movement to take back our life, take back the control and take back our countries. Stop the iPhone selfies and get proactive. You have social media at your disposal so use it for something positive, like creating change. The elite want you held hostage to selfies and other brainless activities so you are not paying attention to what they are doing. If ever there was a time to wake up to the truth, now is that time and what matters most above all else is what we are going to do about it!




Who Will Step Up To Lead…?

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Is it not time to have the courage to stand together and demand an end to the divisive two party system of governing world wide? It is the Achilles heel of the Elite. They present the system to us as ‘Choice’ when in fact it is anything but. It is a sham, for each candidate picked for office was chosen earlier by the few. It is time for a NEW and FAIR system of governing, one constructed by WE THE PEOPLE for THE PEOPLE. One that is finally blessed with truth and compassion instead of lies, deceit and manipulation. We are done with the old government! That paradigm is dead.

Let us choose to move forward and put our energies into becoming the best that we can be, powered by pride rather than who we are becoming now powered by fear. Stop and ask yourselves “are we really angry, hateful, greedy people at heart, or are we being brainwashed into becoming the worst that we can be? We were NOT born angry, hateful or manipulative. The people have been abused by the system long enough, the game is up, the truth is pouring out and the elite have been exposed for who they truly are. We the people are not bad, we do not hate, we are not divided, we are all one and it is time to remember that. It is time to stand up and speak the truth loudly to power and demand the right to create a new system and DO IT !!!! Who out there will start the snowball rolling down the hill? Once packed tightly together we will make one hell of a snowman!


Leap Of Faith…

I sat in the sun the day of the eclipse to soak up whatever messages the sun was filling us with, because I didn’t have the special glasses to watch it. As I sat and watched the eclipse through my senses, I had much time to contemplate what is going on right now in this country. The main word or phrase I keep hearing being uttered wherever I go is “Insanity”. The country is insane right now, the very ground our feet walk upon is roiling and rolling and throwing us off-balance. It seems we either regain our balance within or fall off into the insanity abyss.  Why are so many people freaking out about what they are witnessing? It’s because we are being shown our individual and collective brokenness, we are watching ourselves on the silver screen of reality playing out the drama.

Right now at this time in one of our darkest moments, we are being shown our brokenness and are being offered a choice by the universe. To continue to act out and distract ourselves from the truth unfolding about what we are becoming as a society or move forward and acknowledge America’s bleeding wounds and choose to join others to help heal the wounds, first within and then as a whole for the good of humanity.

Part of the anguish many are feeling these days comes from having to look at our flaws like a child would look at a wound. How did we get here? Perhaps because we have been distracted in our self-absorbed lives taking selfies rather than looking outside of ourselves to take notice that we are destroying ourselves. Selfies and smart phones are eliminating intimacy from the equation of day-to-day living. When we are self-absorbed we do not pay attention to anyone else  who may need help or a country crying out to come together and move beyond where we now find ourselves, in quicksand going under.

My favorite saying right now is ” It’s do or die time”.  We are at THE crossroads sitting in the car with the motor running reading a road map and trying to decide which way to go. It will take courage to take the road less traveled and it will take above all TRUST in ourselves and the choices we make as well as trust in the universe.  Society is teetering on the edge right now because we are being asked the hard questions. Have we honored the truth and stood up for it? Are we respecting one another and putting away our judgment? Are we upholding our vows of morality?  Are we being of service to others or to ourselves? The reason we are being shown the ‘insanity’ is to make us see where we are going wrong. It will take each of us getting whole and real with ourselves before we can help the whole country heal and hope to ever see peace.

Never forget what Albert Einstein said (para phrasing)  [You cannot fix what is broken with the same minds that created the problems.] The universe is asking us to rise up and raise our consciousness, break away from victim mentality and strive again to become more than ever before. To be able to say truthfully once again, I matter, we matter.  It is time for humanity to take it to the next level, to awaken fully no matter how painful and find the courage and trust that what lies ahead is far better than where we are now. It’s that leap off into the abyss that we must take, collectively, as a new form of humanity emerges into being. Grow your wings and take the big leap.

Blessings to all in mid-air…..


Out With The Old…

Over the years that I have been watching carefully the shifting of paradigms, it came in slowly at first, then recently began speeding up to the frantic state we now find ourselves in today. We need to see things from a new perspective, a wider and deeper one that ventures way outside the box! It should be plainly obvious to all of us that the present way of governing ourselves is not working for us anymore. Simply put, we are not who we were when we made up the rules. Government has run amok and society is suffering profoundly from what is happening. The few have become the wealthy and the wealthy pretty much have run the world up until now, up until the paradigm shifted and society has had their awareness shifted by the uncovering of the rampant corruption, abuse of power and lies. The many have suffered under the control of the few since the beginning and our patience has run out.

All of the chaos we are witnessing is a result of the energy of the shifting paradigms.The powerful division we see strengthening, the sides being taken, the anger at the ready, is a matter of two factions of humans short circuiting on different frequencies and unable to find words to reconnect. Their differences are as strong as magnets being forced together on the wrong sides. The pushing apart is strong and so is the difference between paradigms. One paradigm is loving and giving and thinks with its heart and well outside the confines of the box, and is ready for change, the other paradigm is still trapped inside the meme of war, more is better, conquer the world, steal all the money, control all the people. As a collective of the new paradigm, we have come a long way, we have opened our hearts and minds and the old meme no longer speaks to who we are as a whole. Too many of us have splintered off from the antiquated meme and so the herd will no longer follow automatically in one direction. Now they question causing a fork in the road..

As part of our new paradigm we will need a new form of governance that views life and it’s rules through new and updated eyes. Cronyism is dead! Our new ways of thinking and being can no longer accept what was as what is. The scam of the two-party system will continue as long as we allow it. I wonder how many more decades it will take for us to find the courage to make the change. Humans being such devout creatures of habit, most do not like to experience change. It is unsettling and somehow threatening when in fact we should embrace it for the growth it will bring. We fear it because we have been taught we are alone rather than being taught the truth that we really belong together. Who wants to make fearful changes alone? And so we avoid change at all costs. We have been divided and continue to be divided for the sole purpose of control.We are weakened by the forcing of unrest between us and using that unrest as distraction. Once one begins to understand how the Washington machine operates the more clearly one can begin to make sense of what is going on today.

We are now witness to the old paradigm fighting hard to keep control but feeling it slipping away. They are frightened and they are angry and they are dangerous like a wild cornered animal, but we must keep up our cause to make the world a safer, happier and more caring place. A movement needs to be birthed in favor of a new form of government.To sit silently at this time would be a waste of grand opportunity. It is obvious we need a new way of being,what we have is no longer working and it is up to us to instigate this change. Two parties were created to begin the great divide between us and it surely did that! It is time to do away with anything that promotes division for we are now all about coming together at long last. Keep on keeping on all you pioneers.Get a “End the old Government” group organizing!

Disconnect from the old and plug into the new…Humans reveal their true strength when they can finally embrace the task of becoming the best that they can be rather than becoming lost in the nothingness of materialism.


Live A Local Life…

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Not liking the world today? I can’t blame you, it is a pretty screwed up place to be right now. What we have to realize is we can’t change anything within the system because yes, it’s broken and they hold all the cards, but we can change things outside of the system that can make all the difference in the world. We have to bring back community and live our lives locally. It is only when we depend on others goods and services outside of our own communities that we begin to lose our control how we live. The less we take part in big Government the better off we will be in the long run!

If we return to living off the land locally, if we make laws for ourselves and resist big Government’s control, they end up losing in the end. Think local and live local. Reject the handouts they dangle in front of you in hard times to keep control over you and go for the hand ups you can receive in your own community. Run for office where you live and get inside to support change. You can’t make change by standing and screaming outside Government buildings. Be creative in how you live, you’ll be surprised at what you don’t really need  that you thought you did. What will truly bring you peace and happiness is the freedom to be who you are and live the life you want to live. It takes thinking outside the box to change your life. Try it!


It’s Time To Make Change…

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It’s interesting watching the world go by these days. At times it can be quite unsettling and it is clearly obvious that everything must now crash. It is broken, so outdated, so stuck in a time warp it is appalling. It feels like a government that is running on floppy discs and rotary phones. Just watching some of these votes being taken on the house floor is something to behold. Old, gray-haired, stooped over Elites who have been in office twenty or thirty years. Really? Along with ending the two-party System that was nothing more than a sham right from the very beginning to make the people believe they have a choice, we must also demand term limits. Enough of cronyism. Why should we be stuck with people running everything that have been out of touch for years now. They are like the bad guest that over stays their welcome. There is never choice when you have people hovering above you, controlling and pulling the strings connected to this fantasy agenda they cling to desperately.

Humanity is in the process of evolving right now to the next station we are to take in life. Our consciousness has awakened and expanded greatly and people are connecting the dots slowly but surely. The unrest, the drug abuse, the murders, the outrage are all mirroring back to us the reality that we are off track and are not being who we are meant to be if we were free to do so. We have been oppressed and it is no longer acceptable to us.Many may not consciously know it, but our souls are screaming out to every one of us, they whisper in our ears constantly saying ” Do what makes you happy and be who you truly wish to be, stop being a slave, that is not why you are here”. How many people can honestly say they are happy and doing exactly what they want to be doing? I know obviously that there will be some but I bet you the majority will say they are not.

It is time to come together and push forward together, as a whole, to end this charade we are living. In the 60’s we came together to end the Vietnam war and to try to create peace, with the 99% Wall St. group it was a demand to end the Elite’s control of our country and stop the corporate takeover. We are being called upon again to come forth and have our voices heard. Sitting silent will do nothing. It’s not as much about our message as it is about letting the millions of dissatisfied people realize they are not alone in how they feel, that we CAN join together and take our lives back. It is time to come together and make things happen. They are the few but we are the many. It is time to begin building a new form of Government to live by.

Be the change….