Where To Next?

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We here in America are seeing a great deal of chaos swirling out of control and yet nobody is asking why, just like the opioid crisis that everyone is screaming about to fix it, yet nobody asks why there is a Opioid crisis in the first place. What is causing it? What is driving societal chaos into a frenzied state? The best way to describe what is going on is to paint a picture for you to envision. See yourself walking through beautiful woodlands and coming to a brook. You stop and look for the most secure looking rocks to step on to cross over and then you carefully venture out. Try hard to imagine the feeling you get when your first foot reaches out to the rock in the middle of the stream and there you stand momentarily straddled between the known and unknown. Carefully you pull your second foot away from its shoreline anchor and  towards the rock making sure there is room for both feet and you land there. Now you stand precariously in the middle of the stream and begin the last steps towards the opposite shore line. You keep going until you successfully cross the bubbling stream. You were able to risk the move because of one very important reason. You knew where you were going and what you were going to. Solid ground.

The chaos we are witnessing unfolding around us is being driven by the unknown because there is no solid ground where we are going. We do not feel safe with ourselves to get us to where we need to go because we don’t know where we are going! We are disconnected from self and have been for the majority of our lives. The Internet is quite the complex beast to understand. On the one hand it can bring souls all across the world together in powerful ways that can propel us forward, while on the other hand it has driven us into isolation from human contact. Texts, emails, calls, Tweets, whatever, is allowing us to interact without being in the other persons presence. Not having eye contact or body language leaves us wide open to assumptions and misinformation as we try to communicate. We are now depriving our souls the comfort of  one to one contact that reminds us that we are validated and necessary.

The only  way for us to move forward from land to rock to land again as we move forward in life is to feel safe enough to make that move because we can see the land we are headed for.  I think we can begin to maneuver this journey of evolving  by honestly admitting to ourselves first and foremost we have been hoodwinked. Life is not at all what we have been told. You think the fake news situation is bad now, imagine the same lies forever telling us how life is meant to be lived. We listened, we obeyed and our souls were dying a slow death. We are not doing what we truly are meant to be doing and we don’t know what we are meant to be doing because we are disconnected from ourselves and from reality. Reality today exists within the boundaries of a smart phone, a cell phone or a computer. We have allowed everybody and everything else to tell us where to go and what to do and we gave up thinking for ourselves. Big mistake!

Third dimensional living is a distortion of truth. Life is not, nor was it ever meant to be, working 9-5. This is where the biggest hoodwink happened. We believed the agenda we were fed of working 9-5. We allowed it to define who we were and created beliefs within ourselves that our careers=identity and self-worth. NO! You have all the self-worth you need whether you work or not, but it is hard to see this fact and believe it because we have been convinced otherwise. Race inequality was created to further a divide amongst the people as well, then we fell into the trap set by materialism which eroded our authenticity and drove us into the mindset of the haves and have-nots.  To further our divide we began losing our morals and allowing ourselves to get lost in judgment against one another and drowning under the need to always be right.  These became tools for us to use to control our reality. It is no wonder we are spinning out of control, unsure of who we are or where we are meant to go.

Enter we the people. It is now up to us to wake up, reconnect with ourselves and begin to reinvent our reality. Our mission is to be that piece of solid ground on the other side of the stream providing the lost and confused with the courage and reassurance of landing safely in a new world. We ARE that new world. That means for every thing in 3D we are experiencing, we must now create in 4D or 5D so everyone knows where we are going, then they can take the steps necessary for us to get to the other side. We all came into being with gifts/skills that we can use to create what we need in the new world. We take the old and figure new ways of recreating it to fit the new world. Figure out what you don’t like and invent new ways of doing it better. It takes getting off our butts and saying no more to what is and joining together to create what will be. It takes interacting with life again one on one, it takes changing our beliefs and our story and trusting a new way forward is what should & must unfold. Holding on to what was will only drag you down with the sinking ship.

The world is a hologram  and what happens to one happens to all. We need each other to survive. We are only divided by the beliefs that have been drilled into us forever. That is our mission as well, to reshape those beliefs to a new reality and let the old, misinformed beliefs fade away. They do not define who we now are. We must overcome fear of moving forward by believing in who we are and trusting in ourselves to do the right thing without being told. This all takes hard work on our insides but it must be done if we are to succeed. We can continue to be brainwashed into oblivion or we can awaken and begin to think for ourselves again. The truth will set us free as they always say. Nothing could be more true. Have a safe journey…

Blessings to all,




Share Your Voice…

I know personally I can not tolerate much longer how America is being run into the ground and the people with it. Why do we keep putting up with it? It is time to stop the gridlock and inequality by ending this sham of a Government. The days of oppression by the dark must end now and it begins with taking away their power and giving it back to the people where it belongs. It’s time to return to them their freedom to BE!

This Is Totally Unacceptable!

I just wanted to share this article so everybody can be informed to what is going on with the food they eat. I don’t  eat GMO food, but nowadays it is getting harder for growers to avoid cross contamination so nothing is safe anymore. This is information we all need to read and share. Here is the article. Stay awake and stay well…. VK

Change In Education Is Critical!

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It is urgent we change our educational system first and foremost above all else. Our schools are the Elite’s Trojan Horse to get into the minds of our children and control how they think. Children have become ‘numbers’ without importance or respect and it is imperative that we preserve and encourage their creativity and individuality through open-minded schooling that values the mind and it’s abilities. Todays kids have become robots trained to follow orders so they can be useful in the future. Their souls/spirits have been broken and their sense of wonder has been extinguished and we wonder why the youth is so hostile. Who wouldn’t be? Each and every one of us knows deep inside that life is not really the way it is being portrayed. Our discontent comes from knowing the direction we are going in is wrong and not doing anything to turn ourselves around.

Everyday we witness the demoralization of America, but have we stopped to think seriously about how it is brainwashing our youth? They are growing up in a world of lies and deceit, name calling, finger-pointing and disrespect, devaluing human life and praising bad behavior and punishing the good or else just ignoring to mention the good altogether. There is little inspiration being taught, little encouragement,and zero morale boosting. History is being changed in favor of how they want us to view the world not how it really was.Social Media has blasted its way into everyone’s lives dragging them away from themselves and hijacking their attention so they tune out and know less as they become disconnected from reality.

It is time for our serious devotion to home schooling which will demand our time, but in the end is it not worth it to have a whole and happy child instead of a robot unable to think for themselves or even desire to think for themselves? I believe part of the issues we see with the youth these days stems from our not being willing to sacrifice ourselves for our kids the way we used to, to be there and guide them. We became distracted by shiny baubles dangled before our eyes by corporate America, caught up in the whirlwind of climbing the rungs of society’s ladder to keep up and making something of ourselves when all along we were fine just the way we were. One would never know it given the 24/7 drug advertising on television for all the ‘broken parts’ of who we are supposedly, be it mental illness, obesity, ill-health etc. In other words there is always something unacceptable about who and what we are that needs to be changed/fixed..

If I were raising my child now instead of 30+ years ago I would home school, not allow television unless monitored and severely restrict social media. It’s the only way we have a fighting chance of keeping our children free of the traps we all fell into. Kids are prey floating about in a sea of sharks out searching for food and dominance. This is how we begin to change ourselves, by reconnecting with what matters most, devoting ourselves to it and leaving behind the insanity of very warped 3rd dimensional thinking. Our children are our most precious gifts yet for so long we have tossed them out into a world of hungry wolves. No more! This is our first big reality check and I hope we all pass with flying colors so we can move forward in strengthening our position in creating a better world. Kids first, family second, joy and happiness third…It’s time to get our priorities straight.

Courage and blessings….


Amazing What We Sometimes Miss….

It’s been raining a lot here lately and the other day I found myself just sitting on the couch to rest and I turned on the TV hoping something good and interesting might be on. Yeah right! So I surfed around through channels for a while and had a wild epiphany slam me in the head. I had never realized before just how many tv programs are directed towards the wealthy. For example: I landed on a channel about house buying and they had a couple searching for their dream home. That’s fine except the homes were 500,000. to 800,000. dollars. Who the heck has that kind of money? The wealthy. I checked back several times as the day went on and new shows started up and all the houses were equally as expensive. Not reality for the majority of the country.

I bumped into another show called the Hollywood Medium. While I find his talent/gift quite astounding and most accurate, once again, why just Hollywood people? Why can’t he offer his gifts to people who need his help and not just on Rodeo Drive? Have you ever stopped into a cooking show? I used to watch all the time until I found there was no way I could make these recipes not because I can’t cook, I can, but because of the ingredients. These fools think nothing of using two sticks of butter and six eggs etc. All well and dandy if I can afford it. I eat organically and that would make for a very expensive loaf of bread or batch of cookies. Unless you’re rich of course!

Take time sometime to just flip through channels out of curiosity and see what I am talking about. Look at the shows through the eyes of someone not wealthy and you will begin to see what I am talking about. I didn’t pay attention to it before until Hollywood began to show it’s very ugly colors during and after the election and my disdain for them grew and I began to notice more clearly the disparity between the rich and poor. That’s close to all we have now, the middle class has faded away. On the flip side of the rich shows, there is a plethora of sick. moral destroying shows geared towards the 99%, the dumb, the people who don’t deserve anything better in the minds of the 1% producers. Lots of death and destruction, drinking, drugging, and putting humanity down to the lowest levels. It’s either feast or famine.

What about inspiring shows that are uplifting and give people hope and a desire to do their best? Don’t see much of that being offered. If you pay close attention to what is being offered to you to watch you will begin to see through the fog of deceit. Once you take note you will begin to see signs of inequality everywhere! Once those eyes are opened there is no shutting them closed again. And yet many don’t notice. I didn’t for quite a while. This latest Presidential election opened the elites Pandora’s box of how they truly think! Stunning to say the least. It is time to stop just being entertained by the elite programming and pay attention to the messages laying nestled beneath the surface. Once you start paying closer attention to the world around you you will begin to notice how wealth has permeated every nook and cranny of life and taken over. The memes and messages are subtle but they exist and they speak volumes. Advertising is the biggest offender.

I don’t know about you but I am hungry to live in a world of equality, peace and compassion for all. I’m done with the wealthy takes all mentality. Until we redesign Washington and who works for we the people, all this garbage will continue. We deserve to be free to live the lives we wish to live. The biggest myth we have fallen prey to is that everyone must work and if you don’t you are a drag on society! We only work 9-5 because the elite figured out a way to convince us to work to “make our lives better” when in fact it was to make the elites lives better. Our hard earned money is landing in their fat pockets. God did not put us on earth to work 9-5 and not live our lives to the fullest. There is a great deal we need to take in and take note of and the truth is not always easy to swallow but we must. We are ALL worthy no matter what our stations in life and never forget that!

Blessed awakening……


Creating A Plan…

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Everyday it seems the insanity continues to grow to a new fevered pitch. For a short while it got so unbearable that I really didn’t want to be a part of this world any longer, at the same time I knew I was called here at this time to change reality. The insanity has been serving its purpose in waking up the sleepers of the world to what is going on. It has become impossible to not know the truth any longer. Everything is imploding around us and while it can be a bit scary at times, it is the catalyst that will bring about the changes we hunger for.

So how do we create these changes we wish to see? First by changing ourselves by reconnecting with the truth of who we are and living our lives honestly and in harmony with that truth. Secondly, it is time now to abolish the present form of archaic government we are suffering under, with an updated form of governance that reflects the thinking, the needs and the desires of who we are NOW in 2017. We are NOT who we were back when the governing of this country began. We humans are evolving all the time, moment by moment, not so much physically but our consciousness is in a constant state of flux. Hopefully we are learning lessons as we go along on our journey. Learning lessons is what helps us grow. Stagnation is our greatest enemy. In our quest to be human we must strive always to change for the better, the highest and for the greatest good of all. Nothing else should be acceptable..

The time of listening to yapping about Republicans this and Democrats that, who is right and who is wrong, who is evil and who is good, is OVER! Government is a myth. First of all, if you strip away the facade of both parties, you will find power drunk, egotistical people who are the same in both parties. Two parties were designed to give the dumbed down people of this country the illusion that we had a choice. There is no choice. These people all work for the same entity so what you get with one you’ll end up getting with the other in the end. So face that fact right from the beginning.  If the agenda is and always has been, to own us and control us, why in heaven’s name would they allow us choice that could undermine that plan? They wouldn’t, it is the myth of all myths that we are free and have choice in all matters.

Washington needs a major house cleaning as does the Lame Stream Media! The people of this country have awakened to the lies of the media, who by the way, has lost its mind and now creates its own news. Thankfully.  I say thankfully because it is what has finally driven people over the edge and made them turn their tv’s off. One very common, human trait we share, is people HATE being lied to! Nobody can stand the drama playing out these days because everybody knows the truth now. We’ve always known, we just never allowed ourselves to listen to our souls and see the truth. So much of the life we have lived has been a sham. It is all completely backwards! Health care, doctors and medicine are killing us, the food we need to survive is being poisoned as too our water and air. Our legal systems are letting the bad go free and are imprisoning the innocent. Education meant to uplift and enlighten our children is nothing more than a propaganda, dumbing down machine, designed to force government beliefs into children’s minds, stripping away their individualism and creativity.  For far too long we have been dragged into the Elite’s agenda and now we finally see it is time to disengage ourselves if we are to survive.

This Government, flailing and failing before us right now, is OUTDATED! The Elite are OUTDATED. We the people have moved forward, we realize all of the unrest we witness everyday is a result of our disconnection from ourselves and what we know deep within to be true. The drugs being abused today are nothing more than an escape from this wretched reality we find ourselves in. The same goes for social media which has now become an addiction as well. They both take our minds away from what is going on, but that escape comes at a very high price. We have been disconnected from ourselves and each other. Remember that quote ” No man is an island“? We need each other to survive and I hope we figure this out sooner rather than later. This disconnection we feel as emptiness, sadly no food, no social media, and no drugs can fill this void. It will only fill up and sustain us when we come to know and understand ourselves fully and why we are here. We are what we are looking for, we crave to be connected again and to know ourselves for real. It is hard to find these answers when life is being dictated to us through media driven agendas leaving us with little free time to think and question for ourselves about life. This is imperative for us to do. MAKE time to reconnect with self!

We need a new way of governing ourselves. One that is HONEST, POSITIVE, COMPASSIONATE, OPEN MINDED, RESPECTFUL and a true voice of the people. I’ve always said” What would life be like if all politicians who ran for office had to run on platforms about what good things they have done for their states and for their country?” End the negativity in every way possible! Stop the insane spending on campaigns and start feeding the hungry. People want to feel good again, about themselves and about their country. They want true dialog between leaders and the people, not lies and false promises to further agendas. The deception is never-ending. People are sick of it. So now, when so many are dissatisfied with their lives, this is the time to strike, while the iron is hot! People will be hungry for the thought of a new way of being that will allow us to become better at being human, better at making the world a more peaceful place. It begins with ushering in change and eliminating anyone and everything that holds us back from becoming who we wish to be or tries to take away our freedom again.It is time we learn how to say NO to the old ways and mean it. It is time for a new way of Governing ourselves and we must begin to build it together, now!

Courage and strength to all,



The Time Is Now

It’s time everybody! The time has come to rise up peacefully yet strongly and take back our lives. We are NOT victims unless we choose to allow ourselves to be victims! I say rise up peacefully because there is no need for violent revolution. Rising up means changing our beliefs about life and about who we really are. It means thinking for ourselves again not just listening to what others want us to think. It means asking ourselves “What do I want for my life?” and going after it. Plunging in head first and going for it, not waiting for someones approval. Whatever you have chosen to do you have chosen because it speaks to your heart not your head or your wallet. How will it make you feel? How do you want to feel? We seldom ask ourselves such questions, we’ve been taught to believe it is not appropriate to put oneself first. Herein lies our problem. We don’t ask enough questions, period.

It drives me crazy to listen to the talking heads in the media screaming about the Opioid crisis going on around the country. People screaming for the wall to be built, giving ICE more powers, writing new laws etc. Hello? When oh when are we ever going to hear fresh minds asking the more critical question of “Why are people being driven to escape reality through drugs in the first place?” People are trying to escape the prison they find themselves in. It is not about walls or laws it is about the fact people are very unhappy being forced to live in a world where a few have it all and everyone else struggles to maintain with little reward or pleasure. It is about being brainwashed away from knowing ourselves. It’s about having our rights and freedoms taken away. It’s about being lied to 24/7 by the Government and the media, which keeps far too many in the dark as to what is REALLY going on in the world.

If we are going to change this sad situation we find ourselves in, we first must begin by changing our beliefs and perspectives about life, outside the box, which in turn will begin to change who we are. If you are brain dead and still believe “My government would never lie to me” then it is past time to update your belief system to fit the time frame we now live in. We are so terrified of change, a human trait that the majority of us all share. We would rather hang on tightly to what was rather than face what might be, no matter how bad things may be or how much better it could be. We are stuck on hold by staying in this mindset. Just look at what is going on today. The world is imploding yet we still keep doing what we’ve always done before!

Not only is it time we change who and what we are, I also believe the time is NOW for us to redesign a new way of governance. Everyone is sick and tired of listening to the babbling and squabbling going on in Washington. It will never stop until we demand a new way of governing ourselves that reflect our changing needs. What we have now is broken and outdated. We the people are evolving and we need a new way of being in the world. That too is part of the Opioid crisis going on, our children have evolved beyond us and are finding they are unable to live in these backward times. They know school is doing nothing more than brainwashing them to think the way Government wants them to think so they can be of use to them down the road. They know deep inside somewhere, it is NOT about money and career, it’s about living mindfully and appreciating what they have, finally valuing life! They know it’s not about cut throat politics and lies, it’s about truth and kindness and compassion. It’s about being able to finally feel ‘I Matter’ and not just always feeling lost and alone. They realize we are all one and it is time to start thinking and being as one.

We are presently watching the old system falling apart because it’s time has come. Things change, needs change, beliefs change, but the dark refuse to accept that truth. Everything changes because if it didn’t, life would remain stagnant and boring and meaningless just as it is right now. We know there is more to life than what we have been told. There is a great deal we have not been told! And yes, our Government DOES lie to us. If we wish things to change we must demand they change, stand up for those changes and push hard for them, speak out for them and accept nothing less. We must make it well known that what once was, no longer can be! We find ourselves at this juncture because it is the ‘perfect storm’ so to speak. We are all tired of the old, we want our freedom, we want to try new ways of being, we have new priorities, we wish to become more than what we are being allowed to be and above all we must change ourselves by changing our beliefs. We cannot create a new world if we remain harnessed by old structures and ideas.

The crumbling away of the old system becomes frightening to many because they have no grasp on a new direction to go in. They feel lost and feel like the old is safe because they know it. That need for feeling safe could easily throw away the key to our prison doors if we don’t pay attention. There has been a slow eroding away of our self confidence by Government always harping to let them do this or that for us. People have fallen prey to this generosity because it comes with a big rope attached. Nothing is free! Not even Obamaphones! Everything has a price and we have grown poor trying to pay it back. We have paid back with our freedoms and with our identities. We have come close to selling them our souls. Many have, but many have refused to go that far and they awakened. They have begun connecting the dots and understanding the truth of the reality they find themselves in.

The only way out of prison is to stop being who or what we are told to be and become who we wish to be, to begin to think for ourselves again, asking questions and no longer just believing what we are told, pushing forward in raising our consciousness to higher levels and raising ourselves up and out of that low,vibrating frequency of victim-hood. It is time to once again make our lives matter! We DO MATTER and it is time to believe in ourselves again. It is time to pay attention and reconnect with ourselves deep within. Therein lie the answers.

It’s time! The old is falling apart now because at this moment in time this is why we were placed here, to fill the void with something better and more suitable for who we are becoming. Just like the tadpoles that lost their tails and became frogs, we are becoming new human beings and we will adapt. It is time to reinstate our strong morals and respect that have been taken away, it is time to see that war and killing no longer are part of who we are, we must practice compassion, for caring about ourselves and others is now a top priority, it is time to reject dishonesty and embrace truth, it is time for us to finally BE in a new world!

Blessings to all,