Closing Down…

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I wanted to let my followers know that I will be shutting down this website. Blogging takes a goodly amount of time which I just don’t have right now. If you wish to keep up with my postings you can go to my main website that I post on from time to time. Between the state of the world and it being summer again  I cannot keep up with two blogs. Please come over to my main site and continue to follow my random thoughts. See you there. Thanks for stopping by!  VK ❤

Creating A New Story….

If ever there was a time in our lives to be done with the old story we have been living in and to create a new one, now is it. The story we are all living now is not only outdated, it does not serve us well at all. Are you not sick to death of corruption, lies, and hypocrisy that at this moment seem to define who we are? Hopefully most of us would choose to rewrite the story, one that shows the world we have expanded our thinking and grown up. Personally I find it extremely embarrassing to watch the minds at work today in Washington. Very scary! Take a real close look at what is going on so you can figure out who YOU wish not to be. The so-called leaders speaking for me do NOT think like me. They are old and outdated and show no signs of having evolved to a higher state of consciousness whatsoever. They in fact have regressed.

This insane state of the world used to frustrate me terribly and I stayed in a constant state of anger because of it. Not good, and sadly it seems this is how a great many people are living their lives right now and this must stop. It is up to us to change the direction we are going in by changing ourselves, rewriting our own personal stories to live by. It begins by changing how we think and we have to understand that how we think actually creates the reality in which we live! Thoughts matter! Now envision a world where people care about one another, where people mostly give of themselves instead of taking away, where people speak the truth with no hidden agendas attached to win you over, where money no longer holds such power it is capable of not just enriching your life but also is capable of destroying your life. We should NOT allow anything or anybody to hold such power over us.

So it is time to write ourselves a new story so we can create a better reality in which to live. Ask yourself how you want your life to be, I mean really think about it and plan it out. For example: I know personally I want to live in a world that is kind and loving, I must have honesty and I must see respect for all. Obviously given the state the world is in today that hardly seems possible, but it is if I create that world within my own thoughts. I do that by walking the talk, by ME being a kind and loving person everyday, by always being a truthful person and always showing respect to those around me. You build strong morals and you live by them! You learn to live in your head and heart and to shut out all of the negative drama trying to take down our world. When you live your life accordingly your thoughts shift and you become a different person. If we are all doing this, living a new story day-to-day, everything begins to change, not just in our lives, but in the lives of the people around us.

We can no longer remain silent and do nothing, there is too much at stake for us to lose. Protesting was what we did back in the 60’s but we are in a new time where the old ways just no longer fit.

As for all of the disruption and distraction being thrown our way to confuse us, let it go! We need to remain awake and aware and have knowledge of facts NOT lies. We must know ourselves well enough to be able to stand up for who we are and what we want. You won’t get to know yourself by remaining lost in a world of distraction! It’s time to plug back in to a new story, a new reality! Good luck and blessings to all willing to fight for change by BEING the change!

Blessings and love to all,




It has been a very long time since I last wrote my ideas here. The world has been too crazy, in my eyes, to even be able to collect my thoughts together enough to write and try to make sense. I keep hoping the day-to-day world will begin to improve, but daily it gets progressively worse! Sometimes the insanity gets so intense my head wants to burst open and my heart wants to explode with sadness, so it’s times like these I need to be creative and constructive instead.

I titled this post “Activate” because that is exactly what the people must do to save our country. These are extremely dangerous times as political careers and lives are on the line eliminating how far the desperate will go. We are witnessing the final battle between light and dark, good and evil. I often get the sense that people sit back and yammer about what is wrong and what needs to be done all the while waiting for politicians to do something. Wow! I sure hope they aren’t holding their breath. Have we not realized at very long last that it is WE who are here to make the change, not some fanatical politicians? I also often get the sense that people automatically think there is nothing they can do to fight the power of the system. Not true!

It begins by being willing to research and accept a new truth, not the distorted one that we have been spoon fed since birth.That happens when we begin to think for ourselves, not how we are pressured by the media to think! If we are willing to open our minds up and set aside prejudice then and only then can we begin to move forward. It is now time to give up the addictions of social media and turn off your television sets and most importantly stop going to the movies! Every one of these sources of entertainment bombard your mind with THEIR warped ideas while they steal yours! This war we are engaged in is for our minds and it is time we realize this! If they can control how we think and perceive life they have control of us. Is this what you want?

Many people, it seems, have lost the desire to think for themselves and question reality. It almost seems as if they would rather someone else do all the work for them. This is so dangerous. This is where mob mentality is born and nurtured. Even today at this very moment someone is on TV telling you something is the truth when in actuality it is only their perception of the truth being driven by a particular agenda. God gave us the Internet to use to fight back by researching for the truth instead of just buying into the lies. Use it and awaken yourself to truth. We have been played for a very long time and it is so disturbing to see so many still falling for it.

This is not the time for revolution or violence, it is a time for action. The kind of action that comes with taking back ones life and living it as one wishes. That can only happen when you finally find the courage to let go of Government control and you can now think for yourself. Government has many ploys to make us dependent upon them for one thing or another, but we can’t get sucked in so far we think we can’t live without whatever it is they are offering. If we feel secure in ourselves we don’t need anybody else.

So there is your plan to begin to free yourself. Stop Social Media and Television and walk away from Hollywood! Those are the major ways in which they control what we see and think. Up until this moment of the battle they had all the control, but now the sleeping giant( We the people) has awoken and are beginning to see first hand the manipulation that has been going on. This is a good thing. It is painful to become aware of such a travesty, but it is necessary for jolting us out of the dream we have been living. Have courage, have strength and have conviction to take your life back. The battle is exhausting and cruel and evil, but have faith and do your part to make a change for the better! Life is not what we have been told it is. It is far greater.

Blessings to all,



The Unraveling….

I have always believed the last hours of the old paradigm’s demise would be difficult to deal with, but never did I envision what we are witnessing today. So many people running around in chaos having just recently pulled their heads out of the sand and not knowing anything about the state of the world they have returned to. A very stark reality of complete disconnection has befallen the world. There is massive discord running rampant creating great violence and anger. We have obliterated our moral codes to ground us and now in these final hours we see the griping lack of self-respect and the final hopelessness escalate into suicide as a way out of the madness that has taken over the world. We are lost and we are lost because we strayed off the path and darkness has fallen and we can no longer see our way.

We are being steered down a path towards fear of the great unraveling, but we need not take that route if we wish something better. As with every situation we face in life, we are given a choice, and this is no different. Do we wish to be swept up in the flow of unawakened souls about to jump off the cliff to end the misery? No way! The only way humanity can evolve to the next level of our existence is for a few brave souls to stand strong and fight for what they know is right. Nothing will ever change for us unless we remain here to make that change. Running away, turning our backs or God forbid ending our lives is not the answer. The reality of what is taking place day-to-day, as awful as that may be, is nothing more than a movie filled with information being shown to us if only we would look closely. We are being shown exactly where we are going wrong. The real question is, what are we going to do about it?

The sharp rise in suicides, the school shootings, the Opioid crisis, the stunning loss of our middle class, the outrageous inequality, the lack of respect, the constant intrusion into our lives and the violence are all screaming at us to pay attention. We see them all and yet shockingly nobody is asking why they exist and figuring it out! The dots are not hard to follow to grasp the bigger picture. In simple terms, we are not being who we are meant to be. Life flows seamlessly when our outer reality matches our inner reality of what we desire from life. Obviously the world is not following its blueprint for living, there is no flow going on, just violent turbulence swirling and rushing about sweeping us all into whirlpools of chaos. We are not matching inside and out!

So what do we want? Have you ever asked yourself? I feel safe in suggesting we all want the freedom to live our lives as we choose, free to think, say and feel what we want, we desire respect from one another and compassion, we desire TRUTH on all levels but especially those in elected office who hold sway over us all, we demand equality and an end to elitism, we wish to be left alone to create the world we desire and end the interference, we wish to be accepted and validated for who we are regardless of monetary standing, we want to feel we matter in life!

We can see what the problem is, essentially we are crying out to return to common decency, to the basics of what it means to be human, to have respect for each other and have the ability to feel compassion. What and who we are seeing today, is not who we truly are and it roughly continues to grate at us within. We know what we are doing is wrong, we know how we are acting is improper and yet we continue to do the same old things expecting new outcomes. It is never going to work. The sooner we see and accept this the faster we can move on. We can feel it is time for change, we have stagnated in the same place for so long now we have run out of ideas. Ideas are born out of inspiration and one cannot be inspired when they are stuck in reverse.

So how do we create change in a world where we all feel hopeless to do anything? First and foremost by refusing to accept what is going on and ASK QUESTIONS! We are way past due to begin this process of quiet disengagement from the status quo. I say quiet because there is no need for violence, just a strong refusal to comply. The more the merrier. They can jail a few hundred, but what happens when a few million scream NO? That is how and where it begins. First by realizing that life is out of whack, that we have been sleep walking and we are not doing or being what we should be doing or being because we are being kept from that and secondly by standing up for our convictions and saying NO. It is way past time for this to occur and now people are dying to escape the injustice of life. This must end now, what more do we have to see or hear?

Keep up the good fight….




Had Enough Yet?

I often wonder, as my head explodes with all of the insanity taking place, what other folks are feeling as well. Have you had enough yet? Sitting quietly and griping about what is going on will not move us all forward. Doing something to bring about change will. We need to be pushing for change like Term Limits at long last to get rid of the stranglehold the old paradigm has over those of us who want to live our lives the way WE want to live them. It’s time to demand safe voting practices for our elections since we know full well computers are hacked continually. Lets return to the old pencil and paper ballots with a trail to keep track of what is happening. How about making the guidelines for running for office be that candidates have to show what good things are done throughout their career? It would single-handedly end the nauseating negativity that we are all drowning in. I’d rather know what good someone has done to make my life better than hear the sickening defamation of character that always rears its ugly head amidst the lies.

Are we not done with this old paradigm of abuse of power, lying, corruption and greed? If one opens their eyes they will see the imbalance. Everything in the world right now is steered towards the wealthy. Start looking at the world through questioning eyes. Almost every advertisement on television is speaking to the wealthy. It is most often subtle, but it is there! Do you have enough money to invest in the Gold or Silver they harp about ad after ad? Most I think are just trying to put food on the table and pay bills, there is NO extra to invest. The message is always the same to the wealthy; the majority of the people are poor, useless and taking up space. This messaging for the wealthy has been going on for so long now people don’t even notice anymore and so the inequality continues to rage throughout our country.

The question that needs to be addressed immediately is what are we going to do about it? Continue to take it or stand up and demand the old ways of doing business must end? While we sit quietly the rich get richer, the big corporations get bigger and our freedom to be who we want to be diminishes. Time is not forever, so we best stop allowing ourselves to be railroaded into oblivion. Not remaining silent means speaking out either physically or by writing to our elected officials and complaining. Not that they do anything mind you, that is half the problem. The Government is no longer by and for the people. Our elected officials vote for what their agenda is not what we want, so that has to change soon. Lets demand a show of proof of how many letters, emails and phone calls officials receive demanding change. If someone gets 10,000 yet does not vote accordingly then you know they are not doing work for YOU!

There are probably a million ways we can instigate change for ourselves but it takes doing something to make it happen. America is on the brink at this very moment. It can either tip towards transformation or sink deeper into being a country who puts their people last if at all. We are all being called upon to rise up and be heard.The insanity we have watched forever now, it seems, must finally come to an end and the people must be willing to risk making change if they are to ever find out if it makes things better or not. What we do know is that things are NOT WORKING as they are now. Find your courage to speak out in whatever way you can and join each other in creating a better world for all.

Stand strong for what you believe…Be heard!


Are We Getting The Message?

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Life in America has gotten so demented it is a struggle to get out of bed everyday. Who wants to face the mess that awaits them? But we have to ask ourselves, ” Have we reached that point of no return yet where we stand up and say enough?” We better be at that point and quickly. The sick games being played in Washington by politicians paid BY US who are doing nothing for us, are evil. The behavior being displayed by the whole group of politicians, is both embarrassing and pathetic. That said, it is also good that this is occurring. People are so distracted and their brains numbed out by propaganda that these times seem to need extra insanity to bring people to their senses. Is shutting down the Government in favor of illegal aliens rights enough for you yet or are you still drinking the Koolaid our Government and media are giving away for free?

This is our chance people! It is time to start floating the idea of starting a new way of self governing because of the failure of our currant form of Government. It is OLD, it is very OUTDATED, it is INEPT, it is CORRUPT, it is SELF SERVING, it is CLOSED MINDED, it is OPPRESSIVE and it is NOT the proper form of government for the new world. We need open minds willing to think hard and create new ways of keeping our country governed. The original plan was supposed to be ‘by the people, for the people’, but they managed to find an argument strong enough to set up the rigged system we have now essentially shutting the people out of the whole process. It is time for this to end! It is time to begin to plan our next moves finding ways to get the people joined together and to send Washington packing. It is time for new blood, open minds and open hearts.

Good heavens, if people can come together to play ridiculous games like Pokey Mon surely we can come together to save ourselves and our country. As long as these corrupt, ego driven, greedy monsters continue to rule over us things will only get worse. It is time for them all to go! First rule in the new world should be term limits to end this tyrannical control. A good many of these politicians have been in office 30 + years! This is a good place for us to start, that should be our first message to get out there and ACT upon. Create term limits. As long as these decrepit fools are allowed to hijack Government, nothing will ever change! It is up to us to start the ball rolling. I don’t do social media, but if somebody else reading this does, get those hashtags going! It is time. We came here to earth for a purpose and that purpose was to awaken people and to begin the process of creating the new world by dismantling the old, so get out your hammers and let us get to work.

Get that fire in your belly burning….It’s time.



Why Settle For Less?

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We don’t have to keep settling for the way things are,we can take that bold leap of faith together and create a new reality in which to reside. Imagine a world run with compassion and honesty, imagine creating a new form of authentic self governance with term limits to keep minds fresh and remaining outside the box. Imagine humanity finally, at long last, collectively raising its consciousness above the dense restrictions of ego.

It can all be ours if we truly desire it and work together to manifest it into existence. How hard are you willing to work? How much of yourself are you willing to give out towards making true change? It all begins with you. Find the courage and conviction to take that first step forward into the unknown and everything else will follow. Have faith, have a strong vision and have a strong desire to inspire a change for the better. In essence, inspire yourself to be more than you are right now.

Be The Change…. Visionkeeper